Happy Mothers Day

by Amaya Papayas Mom on May 5th, 2013

Being a mom is the most important job I was blessed with.  With the many responsibilities I have, none of them are as important to me as making sure that Amaya knows she is at the top of that list.  Every year since I've been open I take time to reflect on being a mom and a business owner during mothers day.   This year my journey has taught me that there is no balance in my work and being a mom.  Being a mom for ME is always going to outweigh anything I do, no matter how much I attempt to balance life.  Peace for me is knowing that I do my best at mothering daily and that everything else falls into place just as it should. To all of you moms out their doing your best......blessing to you and happy mothers day!  You are awesome! Please enjoy the story of the Amaya Papaya Logo as written back in 2009 in my first blog......

As we take time to reflect on the importance of Mothering, I would like to share with you my inspiration for the Amaya Papaya name and logo. AMAYA PAPAYA is a TERM OF ENDEARMENT FOR MY DEAREST DAUGHTER (and best business partner ever) Amaya.

When I was pregnant with Amaya I dreaded the thought of getting STRETCH MARKS!! It was not until 2 days before I gave birth that the first stretch mark appeared, from that moment on they spread like wild fire! I was devastated (or so I thought, vain I know).

Once Amaya was born my favorite song to sing to her was MY GIRL by the Temptations. The first line was so true..."I got SUNSHINE on a cloudy day".... Amaya was truly my SUNSHINE in the mist of anything that I was going through as a new mom.

When Amaya began to speak she would ask me about the boo boo's on my belly. I would tell her that they where not boo boo's at all. I began telling her that the stretch marks where SUN RAYS that I was blessed with when she was inside my belly.

As I began to think of a logo for Amaya Papaya, I thought that nothing would be more fitting than the SUNSHINE to represent Amaya and every other child that a parent has been blessed with.

Ask Amaya....she will tell you how she put the SUNSHINE on mommy's belly..............

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. This is always one of my favorite stories to post every year. I hope you enjoyed reading it! Peace and blessings.

Amaya's Mom

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