Rapunzel Tea Party

by Amaya Papaya's Mom on November 3rd, 2013

Yesterday at Amaya Papaya, I hosted our first "princess" tea party! The special theme for this tea party was Rapunzel, and even featured a special visit from Rapunzel herself!  I have to say, that of all the tea parties we have hosted at Amaya Papaya, this was my favorite.  Amaya Papaya Kids Tea Parties are designed with toddlers and preschoolers in mind. We cater to the creative mind, short attention span, and desire for fantasy.  While prepping for this party, I focused on the smallest guests that would arrive.  I wanted to be sure that each guest could spend enough time exploring the lounge as well as enjoy the tea party specific activities planned. 
The morning started with our little guests' arrival, accompanied by their special adult, and dressed in their royal attire. Each little princess was invited to explore the lounge before the first tea party activity began.
Our centerpiece decoration served as the craft supplies for the girls' first tea party activity! On each table, I scattered foam flowers around the "golden locks" I braided using yellow yarn. The girls were given glue to attach the foam flowers to the braids. I braided each braid using 9 pieces of yard cut 12 -15 inches long.  The girls were then encouraged to go back onto the lounge to play while the glue dried and until the next activity.
While the girls played, they were invited to come over to our chalk wall to draw pictures of "Rapunzel's sun".  I think they did an awesome job!  Almost looks like the Amaya Papaya sun!
More playtime commenced while the girls eagerly anticipated the next activity..........................
Rapunzel's arrival! Isn't her hair gorgeous!
The girls were so excited to show Rapunzel the suns they made on the chalk wall. She was very impressed.
From there,  the girls took Rapunzel onto the floor to play where an unplanned activity was suggested by one of the girls: making a tower like Rapunzel's! 
While they played...............the girls even showed Rapunzel the "hot dog" dance.
Once playtime was over, princess etiquette training began.  You know......how to wave, curtsy, eat, and sit!
Once the girls had the hang of etiquette, it was time to put it into practice at tea time! The girls feasted on a continental breakfast of bagels, yogurt, fruit, coffee cake, cereal, and "tea" of course. While the girls ate and enjoyed "tea," they listened to a story read by Rapunzel.
After tea time, Rapunzel attached the girls braid  that they had previously glued the foam flowers to.
Once the braids, were in place it was picture time! We took a few group pictures......
.....then each girl took individual pictures. Here is Amaya with Rapunzel. see more pictures by checking out our Facebook page
After Rapunzel's departure, there was time for one last craft. The girls made paper lanterns using toilet paper rolls, white paint and string.
Here was Amaya's finished project!
It was indeed a great morning; just look at these faces! I can't wait until our next princess tea party! Anyone like Sophia?

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