Sensory Play the Good Mess!

by Amaya Papayas Mom on August 30th, 2015

Sensory Play encourages children to explore all of their senses. From touch, taste, sight, smell, and sound, stimulation of the senses help children become better aware of different environments and experiences. 
It is so easy to get your child involved in sensory play since it is all around them! Take them to the beach to play in the sand, smell the salt water, hear the waves crashing on the shore, see the seagulls flying above their heads, or maybe just sit and eat the delicious snacks you all brought.
 In almost all situations, you can identify all the senses to your child. Talk to them and ask them about what they are experiencing and what it reminds them of. Just don’t be afraid for them to get down and dirty because they are learning after all!

Join us this week during our Baby Buddies group on Tuesday or one of our Sensory PLAY Thursday sessions for Amaya Papaya University as we blast out of this word on an Outer Space Journey of the senses with water bead PLAY "on the moon"  

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