Mobile Amaya Papaya Play Zones

Mobile Amaya Papaya PLAY Zones are especially designed for kids 1-5 years old.
The Mobile AP PLAY Zone is divided in different stations for children to explore and play with their the parents assistance.
While playing in the Mobile AP PLAY Zone children will learn through hands on discovery, roleplaying, physical activity and parent/child interaction.

Play Station Options

1.) Tots and Crafts Station
ToTs and Crafts is all about creative ways for parents to interact with
their children. Crafts are simple so parents can continue to do crafts with
their children at home.
Items will include:
craft projects

Station description: Various crafts materials will be set up on tables ready for children and their parents to create. We make every effort to use recycled craft materials

2.) Sensory Sand Pits Station
As children enjoy playing in the sand they are discovering its properties, developing concepts of volume and learning to manipulate equipment.

Items will include:
Measuring cups
measuring spoons
Sand puzzles

Station description: Sand will be in three to five medium sized bins set on the floor/ground, children will explored the sand in each bin using the sand toys in each bin.

3.) Construction Station
Constructing helps improve had eye coordination, logical thinking and spatial awareness.

Items will include:
Giant Soft blocks
wooden blocks

*Blocks will be in large bins set up on soft mats on the floor.
Puzzles will be set up on small tables.
4.) Natural Creation Station
Playing with play dough and other naturally made elements is soothing, increases a child’s attention span, helps build muscles in children’s hands and is great for sensory development.

Toys/items will include:
Home made play dough
Play dough props/toys

Station description: Play dough will be set up on tables where children can sit and explore the homemade play dough

5.) PLAY Zone
The Play Zone will be a mix of eclectic toys for children to explore and tinker with.

Toys/items can include:
Musical chairs
Hula Hoops
Jump Ropes
Sidewalk Chalk
Dress up Clothing
mini play bus

*(items depend on inside or outside venue)

Station description: Toys will be set up on the floor like a mini class setting where kids can explore an play.

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